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Commercial and Industrial Roofing in Whitmore Lake, MI

At Quality Roofing Inc., we know our team is the lifeblood of our work. Without them, none of our amazing projects would be possible. Our crews work on distribution hubs, warehouses, schools, prisons, hospitals, and airports across the country. We pride ourselves on efficiency, and we chalk that up to having great people who respect each other and who are always learning and improving.

Five of our roofing crews have been together for more than 20 years, and it shows. They respect their leaders and work as a team. Many of them have completed major projects removing 2, 3, and even 4 layers of hot tar off the roofs of old buildings. Good-natured and flexible, our union-skilled contractors clock in every day prepared for anything.


Roofing Contractors Who Care

One of the greatest qualities you can have in a construction crew is compassion. Especially in the face of natural disasters, we understand the devastation it can bring. No one wants to see their warehouse flooded from a hurricane or crushed from a fallen tree. We work every day of the year, any time you need us, because we care about providing you with fast emergency repairs and disaster relief.

Our “Go! Go! Mentality”

We believe every project is an opportunity to expand one’s horizons. Our contractors are encouraged to ask questions and ask for help to ensure every project is completed successfully. In doing so, they create opportunities for the rest of the crew to practice leadership and to teach them new aspects of their trade they may not have known before. Not only does this mean our team has opportunities to reach their fullest potential, but no one feels the need to cover up a misstep out of fear of punishment and at the expense of your project.

We encourage our contractors to talk to our management about concerns and complaints, but to also come with a solution in mind. Management can take these suggestions and help solve the issue along with them. This method also allows us to identify fantastic, potential team leaders who are innovative and illustrate know-how in their solutions.

At the end of the day, our company culture breeds innovation, trust, and compassion. Valuing and respecting employees creates employees who value their work and who are innovative. That’s what makes us Quality Roofing Inc.

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